InZad incubator 2.0

The InZad Incubator 2.0 project is the result of the efforts of Innovative Zadar that, by improving the existing infrastructure and developing targeted support services of SMEs, to the greatest extent contributes to the improvement of the local entrepreneurial environment, in accordance with the defined mission and objectives.

The project foresees the renovation and decoration of the business premises interiors managed by Innovative Zadar d.o.o. The existing InZad incubator building was designed and built according to the requirements of the local market and the needs of entrepreneurs from the early 2000s. Apart from the fact that the building itself requires certain investments in its maintenance with the aim of prolonging its life span, changes in global and local economics, new modes of business and strategic orientation of the City of Zadar, encouraging certain sectors (IT, products and services based on knowledge and innovations, creative Industry, etc.) require a response in the sense of modernizing the existing infrastructure and adapting to the above requirements.


By acquiring the following equipment, devices and software, it will directly affect the delivery of new and better services to entrepreneurs:

Network and communication equipment (better Internet access, fixed telephony service)

UPS ( insurance against interruption of electricity supply )

Lighting and FN power plants (lower overhead costs)

Computer equipment (for IT classroom, different IT services for users)

Equipment for 3D lab

Software (effective management of incubator and communication with and among users)

These equipment will enable the development of additional services in relation to the existing offer of InZad incubators and services that will improve and improve the efficiency of the customer's business, and facilitate their growth and development and enable new jobs to be created

The project documentation was completed and the project was submitted to the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Crafts, Business Infrastructure Development KK., which is funded by EU funds.