ICT infrastructure and services

Development of the IT infrastructure and communication infrastructure of the City and the development of new IK services based on the same, is a project that has been going on for many years. Includes the development of optical infrastructure of the local government system (City, TD and institutions - schools, kindergartens, museums, libraries), server network, WiFi network etc. This infrastructure is the foundation for the development of modern IK services, and fast upgrade.Today, the company has 20 km of its own optical infrastructure, 2 sales systems, a host of servers, a large widescreen WiFi network, and redundant high-speed Internet connections. Since 2016, the Company has been registered with HAKOM for the provision of rental services of electronic communications networks and / or lines, and Internet access services. All in all allows us to offer a variety of services to its founder, and to its affiliated companies and institutions, in a more rational and quality manner. So the company already offers various services (Internet, linking locations, e registry etc.) to City of Zadar, Waterworks, Liburnia, COIN, incubator users, with the ultimate goal of integrating the entire local government system into a common system.

The system is constantly improving, and we expect it to be self-sustaining in the near future, that is, it is funded from its own revenue.