Greetings to the Sun

Installation "The greeting to the Sun" is one of the most important attractions in the City of Zadar and its recognizable brand. Unfortunately, adverse external influences (near the sea and weather conditions) and life span of the built-in equipment brought into question the complete functionality of the installation.

Project Reconstruction and Renewal of "The greeting to the Sun installation" has the goal of improving the quality of the infrastructure of the installation in order to secure a new life cycle and prevent the reduction of the functionality of the main city tourist attraction and improve the quality of equipment and devices for the purpose of providing added services to ensure financial self-sustainability of the installation.

A working version of the main renovation, modernization and upgrade of the "The greeting to the Sun" installation was drafted, as a basis for launching public procurement procedures for the performance of works.

The project will be financed from the budget of the City of Zadar.