About us


Vision and Mission


The transformation of an existing company Business Incubator Ltd. into a well-organized, innovative, technologically modern and different company, focused on supporting entrepreneurs and development of modern IT and telecommunications services, primarily for the needs of the City of Zadar, and its companies and institutionsVision:


  • To provide maximum support to entrepreneurs in the initial phase of business.
  • To build complete business solutions based on top-quality services and leading world technologies.
  • To allow users of our solutions to improve their business results by focusing on the core business and the efficient use of information technology.
  • To allow our own employees to reach their full potential through their personal and professional development.
  • To run a successful company based on knowledge and work as basic values, in the environment of trust and cooperation, to the satisfaction of our customers, employees and owners.



  • Development and modernization of the existing business incubator
  • Design and development of new, technologically and substantially innovative incubator
  • Planning and construction of technology platform to provide integrated IT and telecommunications services, primarily for the needs of the founder, and its companies and institutions
  • To encourage the development of the ICT sector in the City and County by developing a network of knowledge and collaboration with local businesses
  • Development of partnerships with infrastructure operators for ECI (electronic communication infrastructure), while planning and developing the new city ECI