About us


Innovative Zadar Ltd. was founded by the City of Zadar in 2003 entitled Business Incubator Ltd. Zadar with the primary objective of encouraging and development of SMEs (small and medium businesses) in the City of Zadar. The idea has been providing business and technical services with favorable lease office space to facilitate the start of entrepreneurs.

To this end in 2007 at commercial zone of New Bokanjac business incubator building was completed with over 1200 m² of usable area. Consists of 20 offices of various sizes and purpose (offices, small production halls), spread over three floors. Building is equipped with a lift, compressor station, a conference hall with a capacity for 30 people, toilets and two kitchenettes. Also, it is intended for entrepreneurs to get counseling and administrative support, due to the fact that in the same building are other entrepreneurs, who through mutual cooperation, complementarities and synergies, significantly increase the likelihood of success of their entrepreneurial venture in relation to the entrepreneurs who are not given the chance.

At the end of 2014 company is under new management and began the process of business transformation. The company changed its name to Innovative Zadar Ltd. and with existing activities, also registered for series of activities mainly related to ICT technologies with the idea that in addition to support of SMEs, company also becomes the carrier of coordinated and integrated development of ICT services and infrastructure for the purposes of local government. The positive consequences of this approach should be more efficient and transparent local government, future ultimate goal is development of as many on-line services and local government services intended for citizens, entrepreneurs and tourists.